Great Canadian Wrestling

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Double Header, 2 Live Shows, 2PM Matinee


W.I.L.D. Tournament Matches
1st Round:
Deanna Conda defeated Charlotte Lamothe
Anna Minoushka defeated Karen Brooks
Jaime D w/ Kim Leduc defeated Sabrina Kyle
Mary Lollypop defeated Mercy

Deanna Conda defeated Mary Lollypop
Jaime D w/ Kim Leduc defeated Anna Minoushka

Deanna Conda defeated Jaime D w/ Kim Leduc to win the 2008 W.I.L.D. Tournament and the W.I.L.D Championship Title

Non-tournament Matches:
LuFisto defeated Phil Latio in an Intergender Hardcore Match to retain the ALF Championship

"Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake defeated Miss Danyah & Cat Power in a Triple Threat Match w/Special Guest Referee: "Sunny" Tammy Sytch

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