Great Canadian Wrestling

Event details

Rico Montana beat Sexxxy Eddy

RJ City & The Masked Serpents beat the Reunited in GCW FLATLINERS

Honky Tonk Man/Tyler Tirva/Josh Alexander beat The House Of Virtue(Sebastian Suave/Sterling Silver/Andrew Davis)

Danyah/Anna Minoushka beat Lufisto/PJ Tyler

Hayden Avery/Shawn Spears beat The House Of Virtue(Psycho Mike Rollins/Steve Brown)

Cody Deaner/Crazzy Steve vs. Otis Idol/Anthony Darko ended in a no-contest. The referee was knocked down and even though Deaner & Steve had both Darko and Idol pinned, the match was declared a no-contest when the referee regained consciousness.

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